Friday, January 28, 2011

Impending Rain and Nike shoe deal

So it looks like rain, just on Sunday mind you, so all of you who think God is a loving, caring type, you can pretty much throw that out the window. That being said, unless it is pouring, I still plan to be out at West Sunset at 12:30 pm, ready to go.

So lots of questions about Duane's buddy who was out at the Marina taking footage, it turns out that he compiled some of the stuff into a little 30 second Nike-esque commercial spot, starring the loyalist of the MBC. It sure looks professional, much more so than the players who populate it....

In any case, here it is, enjoy! Sorry for the change in blog appearance, but in order to view the footage in wide screen it was necessary. I can change it once we get some more entries.

That's something huh? Imagine if it catches on, we can all quit our day jobs and play ball all year, we could be the new Washington Generals!

S. Paige


Unknown said...

That's excellent. Really makes me wanna get out on the ol' ball field.

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