Monday, August 8, 2011

Late Report- 7/24/11- West Sunset

Satch was working a freelance gig on Sunday, at a vegan non-alcoholic wedding.  Don't ask.  Mike Gaspar made it to the game and he filed this report.

IT was a nice day at the corner of 41st and Quintara.  The field was being used by what looked like another pick up game as we assembled.  Johnny took the hill for the homers, while Dustin started for the visiting squad.  The visiting team had a bit more punch on this particular day.  By the fourth inning it was 5-1.  The homers rallied and in the 5th, had a bases loaded no out situation.  Dustin got out of it unscathed thanks in large part to the defense of Greg and Richie who were "borrowed" right fielders.  Richie made a great catch which turned into a double play when Johnny was tagged out at the plate trying to tag up.

Having snuffed out the rally, the visitors added on more runs.  By the 7th it was 9-2, I came into relieve Dustin and give the other team a chance to smack some balls around.  And then did, in particular, Dennis, Nick and John Mcg.  Two runs were scored.

Greg came into relieve Johnny and gave up a few runs of his own.  Finally Mike Lattig came into pitch the bottom of the 9th.  The homers did not go without a fight and managed to tack on a few more runs.  Final score: 13-6 (more or less).


* Richie made a great stab in the 3rd, robbing Duane of a double.

* Dustin pitched a strong 6 and had everything working

* Jacob had a good day at the plate including a double over his old man's head

Injury: Rick went out on the D.L in the first 10 minutes of the game with a bad hammy (get better big fella!)

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