Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/14/11- Cop Field

It was a nice sunny day, a bit on the windy side, but nice.  We had 20 people, the field was in alright shape, except for the infield, but we will get to that in a second.  Sean started for the homers, and pitched a gem, really taking it to us with every pitch.  Satch started for the visitors, and tried my best, but in the end, my best wasn't anywhere near good enough.  We each scored one run in the first inning, and it seemed like maybe it wouldn't be as lopsided as we thought it was going to be.

The second inning was my crucible, we had a rough one, a lot of players out of there natural positions, some hurt, and the rest was the up to the bashers that made up the home squad.  5 runs later, we finally got the 3rd out, and limped off.  From there, we shut down the homers for four innings, with a couple of 6-pitch innings, which was awesome.  We couldn't score a run or even get a base runner to save our lives though.  Sean just kept out team off balance, and had a number of strike outs.  I don't usually try to point out my own exploits too much, but I think the whole game, the visitors had about 7 hits, and I had three of them....

Jason came in to pitch after Sean had to leave to take a friend home, and we thought we might have a chance.   But Jason was too wild and in danger of hurting his arm so he gave the ball up after an inning and handed off to Tony, who took it the rest of the way home.  I kept threw the CG, and had one other inning where the homers jumped on me for 4 runs.  Sean came back and promptly made a long running catch in left to fuck us over some more.

The biggest excitement and scariest moment came when Tony hit a knuckle ball for a dipsy grounder to third.  Mike Gaspar tried to play the hop, it jigged then jagged on him and then hit him square between the eyes.  It sounded terrible, but the main shock was absorbed by his glasses frame.  The damage was minimal, a few skinny cuts and some blood and Mike taped it up with Bob's help, and ended up covering defense for both teams.  Instant Hall of Fame, Mike!  Glad you are alright!

We lost three players in the course of the game, so by the end, I went from batting 6th to 3rd.  We went down with nary a whimper in the 9th, the final score 10-3.


* Glad Gaspar is living to fight another day, we should stock up on a real first aid kit, and maybe start bringing a small ice chest just in case.

* Sean pitched a great game and hit the piss out of two change ups

* Paul made a great catch to snuff out a rally

* The homers made the most of our mistakes, and got some timely hits

* Bob got hit by Jason, who we didn't even tell about the tradition.  We got him back....

* Bob also had a great hit to start the game.

* Earlier, Gaspar had a 13 pitch at bat that ended with him on second!

* Nick, the ex-Dirtbag, had two real nice plays at 3rd

* Lets all remember to get the ball in quickly, it doesn't help anyone to hold on to it in the outfield

* Mitch robbed a couple of batters, doing what he does best, and had a nice wristed hit

* A lot of pop ups, which is good for a pitcher, unfortunately, not all caught, which is bad for a pitcher

* Adam had a long hit, as did Sean, Greg, Duane, Paul, Tony....

* The knuckleball got me some much needed outs, and I could have thrown it for 7 more innings

*  There was another new guy who seemed to know what he was doing, but he left before the end, hopefully he will be back when he can stay longer

* Dennis' ankle flared up, hopefully a small issue, take it slow and steady on the rehab!

* I had two singles, and both times, I was put out at second on ground balls immediately afterwards.  I guess I should start stealing more

* Elvin got thrown out at second, did the splits, and kept his foot on the bag.  We'll keep working on that one.

* Thanks to everyone that showed after a SQ game, glad that we were not short handed for once.

Don't look back.

S. Paige

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