Monday, November 19, 2012

11/18/12- Presidio

Here with the recap is Brian "Pythagoras" Phelps

We ended up with 11 players and played 3 v 3 v 3 with perma catcher and 1st base. The infield needed some pumping (thanks Bob) and raking before it was ready. The outfield was in good shape and more importantly the sun was out! To those that wrote off a game, including Greg, we needed you! Don't ever give up on this team. We are scrappy and willing to put in the work to get it done.

We put together 3 teams (Phelps, Powell, McGrath vs WRockwell, Dennis, Bob vs Ed, Nick, Adam) with Greg catching the first 3 innings (Bob came in) and Mike at 1st (later filling in for Dennis when he left). Greg, Ed and Powell came in from the bullpen later on. Phelps started on the mound and shut down it down for the first 6 outs including a 6-4-1 double play. The mound was 1st base. Will came in for the next 6 outs and that was the pattern we played with. The McPP team kept raking after the field was ready and took a big lead 9-0-0.  But all that running got tired them out and some more runs came in. Not sure what the final was.


The field crew. Not since Game 7 vs St. Louis had a field crew been the MVP of the game.

Phelps' thinks he hit Bob 2 times, but was only credited with one of them. Both were sliders.

Will said he felt like a Big Man on that tiny mound (Bob swears it is regulation. See below).

Mike played a killer 1st base.

Mike has been pulling the ball a lot more. The defensive shift might have to change.

Bob raked the shit out of one.

The 2-man outfield was exposed.

Why do you put a lefty at 3rd base? Mike got robbed by Phelps who used his inner-Daniel and supermanned for a foul ball, cleating himself and nearly getting skewered by a branch.

Greg needs to put on weight (his words) as balls find holes behind the dish.

Ed smiles a lot while on the mound.

Ed's kid got the Tough guy award after catching a liner in the leg and taking one to the face playing catch with Aiden. How long until Aiden starts playing for Mission? Kid has skills.

Some confusion on the mound distance and relative nature to the bases. Here's algebra: 

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