Thursday, November 15, 2012

11/4/12 Big Rec

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Sorry for the late, short post, but things have gotten out of control for Satch, and he doesn't have much time to do the things he enjoys, as you can clearly see from the lack of posts for the past few months.  It was a blisteringly beautiful day in GGP, we had a surplus of folks, and a good game, for the most part.

Carter went strong for the homers and Phelps was the clean up man, and Greg started for the visitors, with Tony taking over for him and Satch mopping up, although it was not very clean.  The bulk of the game, the score was 4-2, with Carter really keeping us in check, thanks to a snappy fastball and Doc's watchful eye behind the plate, thanks for coming out, Oh Bearded Sage!

We never really put together a rally and the homers just shut us down.

In any case, Greg threw well, Tony did too, and I thought I did for the first inning, but then we played an extra inning and suddenly everyone could hit my stuff...hard.  Three doubles in a row, 4 runs scored.  Owitch!


* Carter pitched a hell of a game

* Mitch was a terror all day

* Jay disagreed with a call, and told Greg to fuck himself while batting.  Tony took exception from the mound, and there was a stoppage in play while we all were reminded that we are out here for fun, and no one has to play if they can't play nice.

* Nice to have a crowd to play to

* Greg chastised me and Adam for discussing Horror movies at 1st and 2nd, while he was pitching

* I made a critical error at 2nd, muffing a play and then not throwing home when I had the runner by 40 feet, but trying to get the runner at 1st who was already safe.  Glad I am getting the chance to make errors at new positions

* The grass at Big Rec is deceptively slow, it looks well groomed, but man is it thick!

* Elvin was thrown out twice at third

* Johnny was well rested from his triumphant tour of Japan

* Bob was robbed of a huge extra base hit by, guess who, yeah, Mitch

* When the wheels came off in the 10th, they really came off, we had a tailor made bases loaded double play that yielded no outs.

S. Paige

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