Saturday, November 23, 2013

11/17/13 Big Rec

Thanks to Mike Gaspar we have a blog entry, sounds like it was a gas, a real zinger, stone gone, and fulla piss and peppa! Also, Congrats to Mitch and Chris for a shut out, and thanks to everyone who played for making it a good time. 

 It was another awesome fall day at big rec. we started the game 8-8 with an additional player coming around the fourth inning. mitch started for the homers. the week off must have done his arm good because he was in top form. greg took the bump for the visitors. and due to a chris powell double and a couple of passed balls/wild pitches.

The homers took a quick lead. then both teams settled in. the middle innings were a pitchers duel. with the defenses making all the routine plays with some spectacular plays mixed in. in the fifth inning the visitors made some crucial errors and the homers were able to put another three on the board.

Meanwhile mitch held their offence in check save for a booming double by jimmy. but he advanced no ther. and mitch handed the ball to chris shutout intact. the late innings saw the homers score a couple more. chris pitched well for the visitors including one inning where he threw no more than ten pitches. when the third out of top of the ninth was recorded the score was 6-0 homers time of game: 2:25. that's some old school ball for ya.


 bob making great, over the shoulder catch at second base 

james making leaping catch in foul ground in left

 lattig with several nice scoops at first

 nick with a great running catch in left. sacrificing his body in the process 

greg went all nine on the mound.

duane and ed the same behind the plate. not easy at big rec.

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