Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/3/13 Big Rec

It was a fantastic day for a baseball game, it was sunny without being overly so, no wind, no fog, a little haze, and best of all, no Niners game to wreak havoc.  Yet, for some reason, there was still traffic.  I just don't get it.  

We celebrated the glorious return of Sean Paul Presley  who has been out on tour with some musicians, playing this thing called rock and/or roll.  In any case, his hair was short, his mustache was trimmed and his arm was ready.  And the full nine he went, he had probably been dreaming of pitching for quite some time, in fact, I am sure of it.  For not having a blazing fastball, he did great, and he had a weird fork ball thing that he was throwing a lot.  When it worked it was nasty.    

Greg started for the visitors, and was his usual shut down self.  I got there in the top of the 2nd, so I missed the derring-do of the first inning, when my team apparently scored a run.  I was razzed as being late and not being Mitch, which was who they hoped would show up.  So I hit myself a infield single, took second on a fielders choice and scored on a hit to center, testing Elvin's arm early.  After that the team left me alone (for a little while....).

We see sawed a bit, the visitors were leading for most of the middle innings and then the homers took an opportunity and tied up the game.  It didn't last long, as we shut down the scoring and went on a scoring spree of our own to fix the score at 6-3.  We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

Satch came in the 7th and was throwing pretty good, after figuring out how to pitch around the 9 inch hole in the mound.  And by pitch around I mean, just accept the hole and land in it and try not to sprain your ankle.  

We closed in on the bottom of the ninth, 6-4, and with Sean up with two on, he hit a pop up to the infield.  I called for it, as I moved closer and closer to the foul line.  And then, a'la Snodgrass, well, I dropped the darn thing.  The question was had I been in fair territory when I muffed it?  My team was insistent that I hadn't been, the homers were equally insistent that I had.  I threw the ball to Lattig in case there was a chance, but everyone seemed to think that I had been in foul ground.

Hey, we still had a lead, what's one more chance, I thought?

Well, Sean singled home two runs, and tied the game.  We eventually got the second out, but there was still a man on third and Bob strode up and hit a ground ball to the right side.  Nick was there to pick it up, oops, never mind.  And the game was over.

We played an extra inning to have a little fun, although about half of our team left, so the homers were good sports about defense.  Chris Powell came in and pitched for the homers, and we managed to score two runs in our half, so you could say that it was a day that everyone won.

7-6 Homers in Regulation 9.

8-7 Visitors in Fun time 10th.


* Sean pitched a great game

* JT hit the hardest ball in a long time, however, Lattig and I had conspired on making the SQ right field play, and we got him.  Bummer.

* I struck out Will with the heater.  Felt good to have that available

* Two new guys showed up and one of them hit a triple off Greg to tie the game.  Greg claimed he was going easy on him for being a new guy.  Never again.

* Will strapped on the tools of ignorance for the first time, and did a great job of blocking the plate

* I caught a line drive from Chris that about took my glove off

* Nick tried to get the new guy to slide in shorts.  It may have been a hazing incident.

* Lattig hit a nice single up the middle, but felt his back tweak before he got out of the box.  Hope it wasn't serious.

* Elvin had a frustrating day at the plate, and was throwing his helmet all over the place.  He lacked his usual exuberance, hopefully we aren't getting on his nerves.

* Some guy on the other field was hitting bombs all day

* Dee Dee didn't get hit by anything, and seems to be healing finally!

* Rally Hawk!

* I finally hit a ball I could be proud of my last at bat.

* A great day of baseball.  

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