Monday, August 11, 2014

8/10/14 Balboa Cop Field

This week's write up courtesy of Mike Gaspar, thank you Mike!  Seven Double plays, that is definitely a MBC record!

It was a surprisingly sunny day at balboa park.  The field was in peak summer shape.  Meaning, alternating dry, bare patches and swampy patches in the outfield.  Hit a dry patch and you got an easy double, hit a swampy patch and you might get thrown out at first.  Players started slowly assembling and it looked like me might not get to the magic number of fourteen.  

When low and behold, like a scene out of Field of Dreams, William Rockwell appeared.
Will's back in town to see his brother Carter get hitched (congrats dude!) and as luck would have it, play an s.q. game.  After a round of hugs and handshakes and a little infield practice,  we were ready to start.

Mike Lattig took the bump for the home team and as he would for most of the day had a tidy first inning.  As for the visitors, Chris Powell got the starting duty.  And after a solid hit by Tim, some shoddy defense and a weak ground ball by yours truly, the score was 1-0 homers.

The big story line (besides the return of Will) was the amount of double plays turned.  In a typical mbc game you might have one or even two but on this day there were seven.  Now a couple of these were a result of some questionable base running,  but most were due to good infield defense.

Both pitchers settled into a good rhythm and because of the aforementioned double plays the game was low scoring and played at a quick pace.  The visitors tied it up.  And then the homers tacked on a couple.  And in the bottom of eighth it was 3-1.  That's when the homers put up a crooked number.  At this point Greg then Tony had taken over for Chris.  The big hit of inning came off the bat of Mike Lattig.  A double that plated two runs.  

With the score 6-1 at that point, Sonny came in and got the 'save'.


-playing with Will " Straight outta Brooklyn" Rockwell.
-seven double plays!
-J.T. had some nice line drives right at Mitch.  Then one finally fell.
- John McG.  had a hit from the left side.
- Mike L.  pitched one of his better games.  Mixing his pitches well.
- We all got like seven at bats.
- A nine inning game in under three hours.  (mlb take note)

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