Monday, October 13, 2014

10/12/14 Cop Field

This just in from the opposite field hitting surgeon, Mike Gaspar.  I wish I could have been there, but hopefully weekends will be a little easier now that we are out of wedding season.

It wasn't nice, it wasn't decent.  It was downright hot at Balboa Park on Sunday.  

If nothing else, Fleet Week seems to bring some great weather with it.  Per Bob's advice we all arrived a little early.  But as it turned out there were only 13 of us regulars.  Luckily, there were a couple of guys practicing their bunting and playing pepper at the field and they were more than happy to join us.

Greg took the mound for the home team and was immediately greeted with a line drive single off the bat of John Mac.  A couple of hits later it was 2-0.  Then came the big hit,  a three run homer from the visitors pitcher Mitch.  And the hits just kept coming.  It was eight or nine to nothing before the homers even came to bat.  

Mitch, given the big lead, was aggressive with the fast ball and mixed in just enough curves to keep the homers off balance.  And with the combination of at ‘em balls and just plain good defense the homers were kept off the board until late in the game.  Mitch gave way to yours truly in the eighth (a sure sign the game is out of hand) and Hank pitched the ninth.   

Greg went the distance for the homers.  And to be fair, his defense let him down a bit.  Their center fielder, Rufino, was very reluctant to catch balls in the air.  Preferred to let them bounce once or twice.  

Final score was 15-2.


  • ·         Everyone on the visiting side had multiple hits, with Mitch's being the most memorable.
  • ·         Nick had some nice catches in right
  • ·         Milo had a home run.  And showed some nice flair when he threw off his sunglasses half way between third and home.  Love the Hello Kitty batting gloves by the way.
  • ·         Fun in the sun.  Well maybe not for the homers.  Sorry guys.

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