Monday, October 13, 2014

Player Profile #19- Brian Cagle

I realized there have been a number of veterans that I have not reviewed, for which I apologize.  Much like Doc's write up, this one is from the way back times of the MBC. 

In fact, Brian Cagle is one of the original 17 Reasons guys (you can see him in the picture I posted recently, although he appears to be about 8 inches taller than is is).  I don't know that he was in any bands, which would make him the oddity in the first squad, but maybe he was the manager or something....I know he is a math teacher, which makes him a genius in my book.

Cagle is a quiet, reserved kind of fellow, but he plays with a degree of intensity that one might be surprised to find in such a taciturn person.  I think part of it is his sense of humor which is rather sarcastic and barbed, but presented so calmly that it flies over a lot of heads.  Having heard stories over the years, it sounds like Brian is not one to be trifled with, but mostly he has struck me as always pleasant and all-weathered.  But, I have seen him when he gets a little aggravated and it is surprising how acidic he can be.   

Brian is what you want in a middle infielder, good hands, quick reflexes, and steady with the bat.  What Brian really has is one of the finest abilities to bunt that I have witnessed since I have been playing. He's like a surgeon out there, and you never know when but you always know it will be in the hardest possible place to reach.

It is a shame that we don't see him much anymore, there was a good run for a few years when he could be counted on each week.  My jealousy runs high in fashion as well, being on the smaller side, Cagle also had the added bonus of being able to fit in to all number of vintage woolen jersey's that us behemoths would kill for a chance at.

 So, a ballplayer who keeps his own counsel, executes when needed, plays solid defense and can be counted on to be fair minded.  Who wouldn't want that as part of their team?

 Thanks Brian, hope we see you again soon!

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