Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2/22/15 Big Rec

Here with a recap is our very own Mike Gaspar.  Thanks for the write up!

It was another great day for baseball.  Lots of sunshine and not much wind.  It looked like we'd be starting the game 7 on 7.. but then all of a sudden six players showed up (probably due to parking issues at Big Rec).  Anyway,  Carter started for the home team and had a rough first inning.  Some solid base knocks,  some bad defense and then Loren's bases-clearing triple to right (with Mike L's teammates yelling "you're scoring Mike, you're scoring" the whole time as he chugged around the bases.) And just like that, the Visitors had put up a five spot.

Meanwhile, Sean the lefty took the bump for the other team and shut down the Homers with aplomb.  Carter settled in and gave his side a chance to come back, which they did.  Scratching and clawing a few runs here and there eventually knotting the score at five.  Then the visitors answered with some daring-do on the base paths.  With runners on the corners, the man at first broke for second but stopped about halfway.  Carter did as he should, stepped off the rubber and ran towards the runner and then threw to second.  At which point the guy on third ran home.   An inning or two later, no doubt emboldened by their earlier success, they tried a suicide squeeze.  But this time to no avail.   

And so we headed into the bottom of the ninth with the visitors up by one.

At this point, Sean had given way to Greg who in turn gave the ball to Loren.  And with one out up stepped Bob.  A classic power vs. power match up.  Loren was bringing the heat but was all over the place.  And few were surprised when he nailed Bob square in the back with a fastball.  This was not a Greg change up or a Satch knuckler, so needless to say Bob was not too happy.  But to his credit.  he dug back in and whacked a single.  Next came J.T.  who took advantage of Loren's lack of command and took a walk.  Then there was a groundout.  So up stepped Elvin with two down and the winning run at second.  Elvin put up a good fight but was retired.   

Final  score 6-5 visitors.


-Lauren's girlfriend Sarah joined us.  Harkening back to the old days of couples in the MBC.

-J.T. had at least one clutch RBI

-Ryan had a hustle triple for the homers

-Bob saved the lives of a couple of sunbathers in right field when he got one of Loren's line drives.

-Thanks to all the catchers who strapped em on on a hot day.

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