Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6/28/15 West Sunset

It wasn't the worst blow out in MBC history, but it was close and we didn't even finish the game.  Going into it, I thought our home team was stacked, we had veterans, we had power....we had bupkis as it turns out.  The other team routed us pretty much from start to finish, and it was never a close game, that I can recall.

Greg started for the homers, and wasn't doing anything different, but the hits-- which started with a lead off triple over me and lil' Satch's head-- just kept on coming.  We couldn't guard against the well-placed ball.  We didn't do great with the balls that we did get close to, but not overly so.  Mostly it was just a lot of hits.

Noah started, three weeks after the birth of his first son, and did just what he always does, and effectively.  When it became a laugher, he gave the ball up to Gaston, not exactly giving us a chance.  Sonny took over for Greg, but the visitors kept doing what they had been doing.

Round about 4:45, some teenagers and a coach looking guy showed up and said they had the field.  We showed him our permit and he said he had one for 5, not on him of course.  We told him that until he produced the document, we were going to keep playing.  Eventually, after being a dick about it, he got some sort of official looking email and that was that.  Greg acquiesced the field, but only after restating that if the guy could have handled the situation better and why we did what we did ( I am cleaning up the language).  So we got 8 innings in.

Final Score, a very soft...22-7?


* Noah pitched very well, congrats on the kid!

* Storm and Rich both banged off the right field wall a few times, one of which caught me right in the solar plexus on the ricochet

* Josh had a good day at the plate

* We did get a double play when it was sorely needed

* Noah hit me in the one place where I don't have any fat....

* Someone was almost thrown out at first from left field

* We had three consecutive seeing eye ground balls off of Gaston

* Its easier to try and name all the people on the visiting team, rather than remember who got hits, so Josh, Rich, Noah, John Mcg, Storm, Elvin, Gaston, Mitch, Daniel, good hitting.

Have fun on the 4th, I am sorry I will be missing it.

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