Thursday, May 5, 2016

4/30/16 San Quentin All-Stars vs MBC- Game 1

I wish I could have been there, sounds like it was a well-played affair.  thanks to Abe Zuckerman for the write up.  Too bad we couldn't keep the winning streak alive into the 2016 season....

Game was preceded by the teams lining up on the first and third base paths, a four man color guard marching onto the field, an inmate signing the national anthem (quite well) and the warden throwing out the first pitch (high and outside).
Sean pitched all 9, held the SQ All Stars to 2 runs in the (2nd?), which we matched in the (5th?) to even the score.  The game remained tied until the bottom of the 8th when the SQ All Stars plated 3 runs after a couple errors, a couple hits and couple a stolen bases.  
We didn't score in the top of the 9th and it was all over, 5-3 them.

Notable plays: 
* Sean picked a man off third by throwing over to Tim who proceeded to chase the runner almost all the way home before applying the tag.
* Sean picked another runner off first via the rundown, getting assistance from Powell (at short) and Dwayne at first. 
* Matt, playing second, tried to gun down a runner that was sneaking home from third.  Matt threw a strike to home where Greg successfully blocked the plate and applied the tag and the runner was called .... safe, for some reason.
* Matt went 2 for something in his debut, crushing the ball both times.
* Mitch, who requested to hit at the bottom of the order because he was "rusty" hit a strong single in his first at bat, only to be picked off immediately even though he was standing like 2 feet from the bag.
* The SQ All Star left fielder made a running, jumping catch on a ball that was crushed by ????
* I made a diving catch coming in on a pop-fly hit to shallow right field that Jimmy, playing second, never saw.
* Elan smoked some balls and pulled his groin.  He then continued to hit even though he couldn't run at all.

* Of Special Note:  The SQ All Stars gave Greg a major league official game ball signed by the entire SQ team in appreciation for his services over the years.  Seems that the players in SQ feel the same way about Greg as we do.  

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