Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5/29/16 Big Rec

Another nice day, if the wind wasn't blowing.  Seriously, gusts all day, some of which blew pop flies all over the place.

It was Don's birthday, and he had a fan base out there.  There was the promise of pizza, beer, and cupcakes, but nothing had materialized by the time me and lil Satch (LS) had to go.  Hopefully it happened.  We started a little late because the traffic and parking was terrible, thanks to Duane for sending out a warning email, though he didn't make it himself, so not sure what that meant.

Sonny started for the homers, and I think he threw a complete game, way to go!  The visitors had some pop but just couldn't string together much of a offense.  Carter was on the bump for the visitors, and threw well, having his little one and wife in the stands as well.

The game went along fairly quickly,  we were 10-10 by the time everyone got settled, and had some nice plays at first, for the homers.  We threw the ball around a lot as the visitors. 

I came in for the 6th and 7th and felt good, I was worried with LS getting bored and tired that I was gonna need to be efficient.  And Lo and behold, I tied the major league record for minimum pitches in an inning with 3.   Carter, who was catching by that time was in full support of the last batter getting a picture perfect fastball down the middle, cuz that is what you gotta do!  Luckily, the pop up that ensued was not one of the ones that was dropped ( I dropped one the inning before).

The hardest hit balls of the day seemed to get caught, which is just the way it goes.  Me and LS had to depart after the 7th, with the score at 5-2.  I have not heard the final outcome, but I imagine that it was around that.


* Nick Smith was called out once at first on a bang bang play, and then when it happened again later, he was called safe, due to the unfair nature of the play (and cuz he was safe....)

* JT came out, and hit a scorching line drive that was caught.  He also made a crucial out in right

* John McGrath caught, did well, hit the ball, almost had a close play at the plate

* Lattig did the best with a lackluster bunch of throws from the infield, and made some great picks

* Terrible hops turned into great hops  a lot that day

* Elvin had a great RBI knock

* Randy also had some good defense

* Bob did some catching, had a nice wallop

* Mitch, who we are worried has work-related scheduling issues on Sundays now, was out, and not playing outfield, but still making Mitch catches

* I hit the highest pop fly that dropped clean for a single, due to the wind, and the left fielder playing me at 415ft.

* Odd day with no Tony, Greg, Adam, Sean, etc.

* LS is coming around in his hitting, got some plate time, and wants me to remember to bring more food and a larger sunshade next time.

S. Paige


Duane Harris said...

Damn, this whole time I assumed a game didn't go down! I drove around for 50 mins (stuck in the park and then looking in the avenues for parking) before giving up and going home. I was furious with the situation....and now bummed I missed it.

S. Paige said...

Sorry Duane, you really sacrificed yourself for the good of the club, i was headed right on into the park when your email came through!