Friday, June 3, 2016

5/25/16 MBC vs. SQ All Stars

Thanks to McGrath and Phelps for giving me the recap, I really wanted to be at this game, but various obligations kept me away.  I am glad that Phelps was able to step into the starting role and do so well.

Traffic clogged up the base paths from the get go and even with the fear of Officer Wood blocking home plate, the Mission players were eager to go. But upon arrival the gatekeeper was not wearing an Ushanka but rather a smile. Officer Rico was suave and polite in the process of letting us in, making jokes as she went through our IDs and searched our things.
Paired with the fast pace of our liaison Andrew, we were on the field faster than expected. The crowd was ready and two lefties squared off and never relinquished the mound. The MBC scored first but SQ immediately came back and the game was tied.
SQ took the lead in the bottom of the second and it stayed that way for 6 innings. SQ All-Stars got 2 more in the 7th right before lock-up time called the game. Beers and burgers were had by all. 
FINAL SCORE 4-1, SQ All Stars


* Mitch leadoff double, Phelps bunt single and Mitch scores on an RBI single by Duane.
* This would be our only run.
* Phelps got picked off at 2nd (again)
* McGrath had a double
* Phelps started his first game on the inside and pitched 7 IP, 4Ks, 4 Runs, 1 BB.
* 2nd batter of the game for SQ crushed a homer over the barbed wire.
* Don chased down a ball and barrel rolled onto the concrete… survived unscathed.
* Powell made a slick sliding stop at SS and made a sweet throw.
* Mitch made a nice catch in center and rifled back to an outstretched Duane to double up the runner at first. The ump called him safe but hundreds of “Oohs” let out due to the obvious fact that he was out:
Don: Can we appeal the call?  
Ump: Are you asking me to appeal it?  
Don: Yeah  
Ump: Then he's out.
* Greg leapt out of squat faster than Johnny Badass and made a diving catch on a foul ball behind him that was only 10 feet high
* The game ended with the bases loaded and a hard hit ball to center off the bat of Mitch.
* One fan caught back-to-back foul balls.
* Maybe one of the best umpires behind the dish we’ve ever had. 
* We learned origin stories for Sonny and Randy’s nicknames.

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