Tuesday, May 22, 2018

5/17/18 MBC San Quentin A's/Giants

Cap tip to Ed "Eddie Spaghetti" Sidawi for taking the time to write up this recap of the San Quentin game.  Sounds like they have been having trouble getting teams cleared through the DOJ process this year, so we are having more opportunities to play.

Originally Scheduled for Wednesday May 16 but cancelled due to Basket-Ball on TV, nine of us entered San Quentin on Thursday May 17 amidst fears of flu and a full west block quarantine. Shockingly, the nine committed souls showed up on time, no id's thrown out car windows on the way to the parking lot.

Getting to the gate at 4:30 is dandy, but turning the corner to a COMPLETELY uninhabited yard is a bit unnerving.  We warmed up and slowly the boys in blue began to trickle out. Lockdown made for a thin A's team that had to be augmented by Giants that were allowed out.

Big Rob started for the A's and he generally threw strikes (fastball only). He was very apologetic to Greg who he apparently hit last time out, which in retrospect is probably why Greg got a meatball for our first single of the day. Rob kept us off-balance, only allowing one run over 5 innings before having to leave for class.

Sean labored through 6 innings, giving up a picket fence in the first three. The only Mission baseball inning came in the 4th when we should have had about 6 outs, but only achieved 3. Luckily Sean limited the damage to 2. A lefty added a long HR to left, off the education building, in the 5th. Sean had luck in the first as a pick-off to third was not caught due to our guy being too timid to fully extend his left arm into a runner, despite it being highly unlikely to break an arm twice that way.

The 6th began with a SQ A's 6-2 lead. With Rob bettering himself, Old Terry put himself on the mound. We nearly batted a round, scoring 4 to tie.

Sean went back out for the 6th facing, for the last time, Manuel who had been on 4 or 5 consecutive times either by walk or by dropped third strike. He walked on 4 pitches.

Two force plays at second and a pop up to the pitcher later, the game was called. as a tie 6-6.


*We had a legit argument with the umpire. Instead of the usual deference, we took exception to allowing Manuel to advance to first on a strike out that he readily admitted hit his foot.  Nothing came of it, other than a run on the next batter, but we argued.

*Elvin showed up his hecklers who were calling him "little league" by going 2-3

* James hit one off the razor wire fence for a triple.

*Sean must have had at least 10 Ks because I can't think of many plays in the field. 

*We live in California. It is Spring/summer. We are sitting outside. Bring a jacket and don't be soft

*The yard was empty-empty-empty. I think there were more guards than residents watching

The non-losing team at the Marin Brewing Co.  Greg loves selfies almost as much as he loves leagues and religion.

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