Tuesday, May 29, 2018

5/27/18 Cop Field

It seemed like it couldn't be true, but there he was.... the city maintenance guy was actually dragging the field and then watering it before the game.  I have never seen that level of care taken for our Sunday game.

Oh, and Pete Simonelli showed up too.  With new helmets, purchased by Adam, who claimed that he had been the riding the goodwill of the base purchase for too long.  I am not sure who is giving him grief for not supporting the team enough, but thanks to Adam!

We had enough old guys that we decided to play an old guard vs. new guard game.  Should have known better.  I was starting for the old guys, and the first five batters all torched the ball.  I am not sure why I was so bad, I didn't feel any different, but everything was getting pounded hard.

Including a base hit up the middle that Tony went for, getting all his momentum in one direction, missing the ball and then tumbling after the fact.  Hard.  He landed on his shoulder, and from then on knew something was terribly wrong.  Greg and Pete took him to the hospital, after he greyed out on the bench, while attempting to change his shoes.  Luckily, the faint was probably a physiological reaction, not a more complex vascular issue.

Diagnosis: Shoulder separation, AC-variety.  Unknown yet if it will require surgery.  Get well soon Tony!

The game was pretty much a version of that diagnosis, it was painful, weird, and required rehab.

I lasted 6 innings, and had a few that were not complete shit shows, but on the whole, I think I gave up something in the neighborhood of 15 runs.  About 10 were earned.  New guys were hitting the alleys, right and left, all day.  Our team was also hampered by an almost eerie inability to get the first out.  Brian Phelps was traded to our team after we lost a big group to the Tony situation. Brian, being a middling guy in the MBC universe timeline had his choice of teams, but he wanted to be with us old guys.  He fared little better than I, which was cold comfort that it hadn't just been my shitty pitching.

So, we learned that the time of the old guys taking on all-comers is probably not a good idea anymore.  And we know which guys from the new squad shouldn't be on the same team, lest we have another blowout. The new guys lacked depth in pitching but they made up for it by throwing the rainbow at us, changing every inning or so.

I think we only played 8 innings, everyone had had enough and the new guys were going station to station on hits that should have been triples.  You know you are screwing the pooch when the other team isn't interested in triples.

Final Score: 28-7.


* The visitor's hitting, all day

* The vistor's defense, all day

* John Carey, the one youth on the old guard, made some great plays in the outfield, covering center, left and right

* Always interesting seeing players with nice fluid throwing motions get all weird and elbow-centric when they try to pitch.

* Elvin was almost hit several times

* I struck out for the first time in a while, other than the game in Brooklyn.  Felt about the same

* The separation rule for the game was: Did you ever play at the Presidio?  It was then changed to, Do you even know what I am talking about, when I ask that question?

* Not much else to really report, it was a ugly blowout and we lost a great teammate to an injury.  Fuck off, this whole thing, to quote Tony as he sat on the bench, trying to make sense of what had happened.

* Sounds like the SQ game went as well as this one, 11-1, one hitter, the SQ team supplemented the visitors with 5 extra players, when only 2 were needed.

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