Wednesday, October 23, 2019

10/20/19 GGP

Brian "Sinister Side" Phelps filed this report on the game on Sunday.  Sounds like it was a real barn burner.  Sorry to hear traffic was such a mess, but kudos to all that stuck it out to play. Anyone who can contribute to what the conclusion of the game was, is welcome to reply.

I came from a Walkathon for my son’s school and was on the cleanup crew. I almost didn’t even go. But an iced coffee got me up and out of the house.

So I arrived at the field at 3:45 expecting to be super late and was just hoping to get a few innings in with the boys. BUT It was only the first inning due to a delay in arrivals b/c of horrendous parking (Greg did mention that he books Big Rec to entice me into playing). This is where my adventure begins.

So without any warm-ups I get thrown in at 3B (lefty don’t belong there to begin with). And of course the first ball gets hit to me. 
Throw into the dirt to lefty Elvin. Error #1.

Top of the 2nd and I am the defensive sub for the other team. Back to 3B. 
Ball hit to me and throw in the dirt to Adam. Error #2. 
There was also runners on 1st and 2nd so I should have jut touched the bag. Mental Error #1.

With Mitch and Greg dueling the game moves along with some runs here and there.

A Sandlot moment happens. One of HR’s friends is having his own adventures in the OF and missed a bunch of fly balls. I come up and smash a line drive right at him. He literally didn’t move except to put his glove in front of his face and caught the ball. 

Then I come in to pitch with a 1-run lead. Urano his a screaming grounder that nearly takes my glove off. It rolls away from me but I get it in time and sailed a fastball over Bob’s head. 
Run scores. Game tied. Error #3.

Top of the 9th and HR is pitching at this point. Sonny/Elvin get on base. Mitch selflessly tries to bunt them over. He takes 3 walks and keeps squaring up. Finally gets a ball to bunt and puts it in play. Error happens and bases loaded. 

This is where the Zero turns into a Hero and I crush a double past aforementioned “Smalls”. Three runs scored. 

But since I was expecting to arrive part way through the game it was supposed to be over so I had to leave before the bottom of the 9th ended. 
So I still don’t know if we won or not. 

Highlights that I can remember:

* Dave and Lauren both hit deeeeep triples.

* Urano crushed one too but I was able to run it down and keep him to a double. 

* Lauren hit another deep one the HR tracked down (they were on the same team).

* HR’s had great movement on his fastball and dirty curve but struggled to find the strike zone. He said that he had like 15 walks. 

* Greg fielded a comebacker to the mound with ease and class.

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