Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Brooklyn Update- Rockwell rocks well

John McG was in NYC recently and filed this update on our past AOY, and current "erm...bohemian poet, I guess?" Will Rockwell.  

In addition to playing with the Ramblers, he also got some surfing in. 

Oct 13, 2019:  Will the Thrill right at home with the Brooklyn Ramblers, going on half a decade as a mainstay hurler.  As cool as ever, featuring a classic “bottom drops out change-up” from a side arm delivery to compliment his other excellent pitches.

The game was really, really fun.  Like I had been there before.  Also, Dave Johnson says a big hello and Ken also and a couple of other dudes

And there was this too - Rockaway Beach on Friday.  Got the shot from a dude I met out there on Saturday.  Saturday was about 1/3 smaller but same shape.  Amazing!