Monday, October 18, 2021

10/17/21 Cop Field

Only 12 people,  but a great game.  

Havana 6's. 6 on six, borrow two, only two outfielders.  You would think that would make for a sloppy game, but it was tight through and through.

Nick W. for the visitors,  Satch for the homers.  And that's what it ended with.  I like a clean slate.  Nick had a great curveball working.

The rain was impending,  but it stayed cloudy and windy only for the 2 hours.  The drops started and we decided better to end first.  So the 7th inning became the 9th.

It was constant turnaround, no one sat much, it was cover and bat all day.  I made good plays on defense for other team, including a off balanced throw on the run, and Chris P. was doing the same.  It was close. 

Bob on the other hand.... no,  we all did our best. 

It was 1-0, then 3-0, then 4-1, then 4-3, and then it was tied 4-4, and we all realized it was getting dark and stormy.  We got Tony and HR on and I got a nice drive through the infield and everyone nodded that was probably it once the third out was recorded. It was. 

6-4, final, homers.


* Everyone who showed up, roll call: Greg, Tony, Chris P, Chris L, Adam, Alejandro, Lattig, HR, Nick S, Nick W, Bob, Satch

* A great many pop ups in the infield that I caught with confidence.

* I felt like I got a lot of 2-strike counts to batters but couldn't get that 3rd one in

* It's hard when you can't sit down for 2 hours

* Apologies to HR who wanted to pitch the last inning for us, I wanted to finish what I started, and I also knew that I could be ready to pitch in 15 seconds, no warm ups required.  An important point when the rain is impending.

* I feel like everyone had at least one good hit

* We hammered the right field/2 outfielders advantage pretty hard in one inning

* My stomach dropped in the last inning, after we had gone ahead, when the first batter Bob got to 2nd on a error, but he was stranded at 3rd.

* I don't think any one got hit by a pitch.

* The knuckleball was working in the humid wind

* Tony didn't swing while our runner was stealing, good job!

* Lattig got to chirp about the Dodgers win, however, they are not impressing thus far in the NLCS.

* Fuck the Dodgers.

* We need the rain, so I am torn between hoping for a better turn out next week and a week off to enjoy the wet weather.

S. Paige


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