Wednesday, April 6, 2022

3/27/22 GGP

Sorry for the late entry, but this game faded into the week before, and I never got around to cataloging it.  The big news, I would say, is that Noah B. came out to play, after a long hiatus.  I was searching the archives, and found reference to Noah playing in December, 2017, but I was not at the game.  

Before that, it reached back to 2015.  Of course, I searched under his name, not Jamison, so maybe that is the difference... Noah was famous for eating innings as a pitcher, and I hope this appearance was the beginning of another stretch of Noah-ball.  His kids must be old enough to come out too, we need to start grooming the next generation of MBC'rs.

I started again, and HR went for the homers.  He was determined to stick with me, inning to inning, and he almost made it.  HR has improved so much with his pitching, and I am not sure if it is due to MBC suggestions, or just influence. 

Not to toot my own horn, but I kept a shutout going for several innings, helped by some extremely good defense.  It felt good pitching back to back weeks, but I felt it for several days afterwards.  We were missing a few of the stalwarts like Tony, Sean, and Adam, who is apparently is in a "band".

Powell had a scary collision with his center fielder in the middle innings, on a no mans land pop fly.  The irony was that it looked like Powell got the worst of it, but it was actually the center fielder who ended up with the concussion symptoms (I have not heard, but I hope he is alright).

Once I had given up a run, I wrapped up after 7 innings-- or what we were calling 7 innings.  In actuality, we lost a inning in the shuffle and decided it was better to just go on with it.  The homers had also lost 3 players, so they were down to about 5.  Mitch was traded at the beginning of the game to us, and then back to the other team at the end.  It was supposed to rain that day, and the sky was getting dark, but we made it to the end.  I think the final was 5-2.


* HR pitched a great game

* Don saved the day again, showing up at his usual time.

* John McG is killing the ball right now

* Mitch made some nice plays, and was a good sport about being trade bait.

* Noah was super supportive from left field

* I found myself having to justify my huffing and puffing on close pitches to Greg and the batter.  In most cases, it isn't that Greg called it a ball when it was a strike, it's that I am disappointed that the batter didn't swing at it.  

* Apologies to Mike Lynch, I took his SodaStream bottle last week, and didn't get the email where he requested some fresh water when I returned it....

* Anna played a good game at 1st, and had another hit

* Gaspar pulled a hammy (get well soon), another reminder that despite how we try, we appear to be getting older.

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