Monday, April 11, 2022

4/10/22 GGP*

We got to play on the fancy stadium GGP field, since the Olde Tyme Baseballers Club seems to have stopped for the moment.  The band was there for the whole game, and treated us to an extended Take me Out to the Ballgame rendition for the 7th inning stretch.  

We had 16 players, 2 of which were lil S. Paige and lil J. Gibson, out for the first time to play for real.  They both took a lot of convincing that our MBC pitchers were not going to be hurling high velocity fastballs at their heads from the jump.  Not sure where they picked up on that, but they were reassured once the game was underway.  

Lattig started for the homers and Sean for the visitors, and it was a good match up.  Both were getting swings and keeping the pitch counts low.  Lil J, Gibson scored our first run, after legging out a infield hit, stealing 2nd, taking 3rd, and coming home on a hit.  Lil Paige hit a screamer back at Lattig, who was able to snare it, but the swing was strong.

The visitors had Bob as our leadoff man, and he responded getting on base several times, and we were helped by the sure hitting of Urano and Sean.  The homers had a murderer's row of James and Powell back to back.  

We should stop here to mention that Powell hit for the cycle in the game, which I don't know has been done, if it has, probably it was Powell that did it.  His homerun got between Bob and I in right-center, and rolled roughly to Taraval St.  Bob claimed he changed his route to the ball in mid-run, and I said that probably was why we failed to get Powell out by 100 feet instead of 150... In any case, a cap tip to the hitter.*  He hit his triple for the last at bat, and probably could have made it home, but I get it.  He was robbed of another monster hit because we were borrowing James in left and James was playing Powell at about 390ft.

The score was 3-2 for a while, and then it was 5-2, and then Powell hit his homerun, and it was 5-4.  I came in to throw the 7th and 8th, and HR came in after Lattig, and completed the game.  We scored an additional run on a controversial play at first, where Bob legged out a groundball and Greg--the catcher and final say in outs-- called Bob safe.**  Bob came around to score and that run proved pivotal in the 9th inning, when once again Powell hit his triple, and then scored.  

John McG got tapped to close the game, and did well, we stranded the last run and the game was won 6-5.***


* All the pitchers threw well, and HR continues his meteoric rise on the bump.

* Lil J Gibson made an out at 2nd, throwing out a runner at 1st.  Welcome to the majors, kid!

* Anna played an excellent 1st base

* Someone, maybe Sean, had a big hit to right.

* Great to see JT out, after a long break (or maybe he was just playing when I wasn't there...)

* A rare off day for Mike Lynch at the plate

* In true gamer fashion, Mike N came out and rehabbed his elbow with the team.  He said he had to do the exercises anyway, and why not do it while he hung out?  Why not indeed! Get well soon.

* I hit 3 hard grounders, that all were outs, and one flare to right, and one K.  Yeesh

* James had the shortest hit of his career on an Oops ground ball

* McG said it was the first time that someone asked him to pitch, rather than him asking if he could pitch.  He did a great job.

* We made a successful play at home with the bases loaded, that never happens

* I was doubled off at 1st, when Lil S. Paige hit his line drive to Lattig.  It happened so quick, I don't know if I would have gotten back from just a normal lead off distance, but off the bat, it looked like it was a hit all the way.  Bad optics for the kids.

* The homers also fell victim to the double off, at 1st.

* Nick Smith was nimble as a cat around 1st base, as we all took turns making bad throws.

******************* In case anyone wants to know why all the asterisks, hitting for the cycle was not enough for Powell, he needed the win as well, and because of the aforementioned call made at 1st, he wanted it known that the game should have been considered a tie.  It has been noted.*********************

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