Monday, June 13, 2022

6/12/22 GGP

We had all the park to ourselves it seemed, the AIDS quilt-- which Anna reported was the world's largest communal art project--was on display at Robin Williams meadow.  Over 3000 pieces were out, one of the largest showings in history, and it looked very well-attended from what I could see.  Needless to say, it also made parking a little more complicated.  No olde tyme games, so we had the big field, and quite a few spectators over the course of the game.  

13 players this week, another Havana 6+1 affair, with Lattig as all-time first baseman.  That was very kind of him, I don't know if that was him being a gentleman, or hurt, but we appreciated it.  Nick W started for the homers, and Sean for the visitors.  They both were pitching well, and helped by a solid defense, so much so that the score was a paltry 1-0 for the first few frames.  Then we tacked on a few, then the homers roared back, then we scored a few more, then the hoers really roared back and took the lead.  

We had decided to play 7 as usual with these scant attending games, mostly because we don't start until 3:30 usually, and it is a chore to cover both sides through the game.  Going into the 6th, the homers had tied the game at 7, and Sonny had taken the duties from Nick.  Sean handed the ball off to Satch, and we were back to an even game.  Not for long, as the homers scored a go ahead and we headed into the final frame down 8-7. 

Rojas, leading off, tattoos a triple to right field, scores easily on Sean's hit, and then Sean is batted in on a double by Satch that was mostly thanks to the sun in center field.  But, we took the lead, and the homers were unable to get the needed rally going in the 7th.

Final: 8-7, visitors.


* The homers had at least 3 double plays

* We had 1 or 2, including a double off at 1st

* Don made 2 fantastic catches in center field

* All the catchers- Bob, Chris L, Don- did a great job of blocking, which makes a difference at the GGP field, 

* It was a triples kind of day, Powell, Don, Tony, Sean.

* Powell also made an insane over the shoulder catch in left field from the SS position.

* The last play was so smooth, Tony Rojas barehanded a bouncing ball up the middle to throw out the runner at 1st.

* I had a 5 RBI day, somehow.

* The homers strung together 4 extra base hits in a row at one point in their rally.

* The humid weather makes for enjoyable pitching, everyone was dealing

* The fill-in defense was sharp on both sides

* While playing 2nd, I have to do a better job of holding the runner, per Coach Rojas.

* Bob got a blooper hit to right and yelled at me while he was running, since I had frozen in between 1st and 2nd (there were two outs....)

* It would have been a great day for the band to come out, but they are AWOL.

S. Paige

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