Monday, June 6, 2022

6/5/22 GGP


A weird, humid day.  The rain in the morning must have been more than we saw in the East Bay, since there was actual moisture pooled in some areas.  The olde tyme guys were still playing despite the wet, and that seemed to be enough for us to rally a game.  Unfortunately, we only had 12 players show, so another game of Havana 6's, with the updated rules of 2 outfielders and 2 defense fill ins.  The home team was a little stacked, I must say: Powell, Sean, Bob, Mike Lynch, Tony and Satch.  The game was not a runaway though, as we feared it might be, and in fact a nail biter of sorts.  The visitor squad had youth on their side, with Zach, a high schooler, Gaspar, Anna, Adam P, Sonny, and HR.

With a late start and short players, we decided on 7 innings and Satch was set to throw the first 4 an bow out.  However, luck and good pitching weather were on my side and Sean encouraged me to keep throwing, as he had thrown 9 the week before and was not super amped to get in.  I had some very nice sub-10 pitch innings, as well as a few Ks.  The knuckleball in particular was really nasty, helped by the thick and humid air.  Bob was my battery mate, and stalwart behind the dish for the whole game.

Sonny started for the visitors and was also throwing good, but we managed a run early, and held that lead for most of the game.  The visitors got one back, and we added 2 more and that was all the scoring done.  The momentum shift of the game was a bases loaded, no outs situation, that we managed to get out of in about the 4th inning, cap tip to the defense on that one.  Zach came in for the visitors for the final inning and struggled a little with control but got through it.

The game ended early enough for me to get home and be lauded for not being gone too long.  That's a win right there.

Final, Homers 3-1.


* It's a good feeling having Tony and Powell as your up the middle duo.

* The knuckler was dancing!

* Greg came out and provided moral support, he is looking good and even picked up a bat, just picked it up, nothing else...

* Sean was thrown out being aggressive taking 2nd, by his own teammate.

* HR is killing me with the right field shots, a reverse Gaspar shift is in order

* I induced about 9 infield pop ups

* Bob missed a foul pop up and then caught the 2nd one, that's what we do.

* Tony with the line drive catch, double off first play.  As he said, you play baseball long enough, and you can make that play in your sleep.

* I think the visitors had at least 2 double plays, I had to start he first one, filling in at SS.  That sucked.

* Gaspar had the worst sounding ping hits of the day, and a really nice catch in center

* Sonny was muscling the ball to the gaps all day, and had some extra umph on his fastball.

* Tony smoked the longest single in recent history, over HRs head in left.

* Powell made a number of amazing plays on the backhand at SS

* Thanks to everyone who made it out!

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