Friday, July 29, 2022

7/24/22 GGP

It was a cold foggy day, amazing, since it was sunny and hot everywhere else in the world.  The other amazing thing is that we had an upwelling of players, 21 by my count.  I would like to say that it was because of my public shaming of those who showed up for the BBQ, but that probably wasn't it.  

Interestingly, we also were missing a lot of the regulars, and yet still had a lot.  I brought along the Lil's, who played right field, and Lil' Josh was inserted as our 10th place hitter, for real.  Tony grumbled a little, but seriously, we have plenty of players who go months without getting a hit, how is this really any different?  Lil' Josh ended up playing right field on his own once I started pitching, and made a great hustling back up play on a ball that got past 2nd base on an overthrow.  

On to the game.  It kinda sucked.  I mean, any day playing baseball is a great day, but our team was cursed with a case of the drearys.  We just could not get good wood on the ball, and if we did, Powell would hoover it up and throw us out.  B. Phelps started for the visitors and he was hurling well, not surprising since he has had several months off to rest his arm.  Our team was not without talent in theory, but we could not string together enough hits to score a run.  Even when we got a rally going, we could not sustain it, or we would hit into a force out and lose the lead runner, or, well you get it.

On the other hand, the visitors were smacking the ball all over the yard.  Sonny had an off day on the bump, and the other team took full advantage.  At one point they had 5 extra base hits out of 7 batters.  They seemed to be aiming particularly for the left field line, and Nate (who was out for the first time in a long while) spent his time chasing hits.  

By the middle of the game it was 7-0.  We managed to finally score 2 runs but that was as far as it got.  I took the ball from Sonny, who proclaimed that he had been smacked around enough for one day, and finished the rest of the game.  I didn't stay clean but kept the scoring to a minimum.

Final score 11-2.


* Every visitor probably had a hit.

* Mike Lynch, a verifiable lefty pull hitter, also put one down the left field line

* James came out, and played a good center field

* Thanks to Chris L, Gaspar, Bob, and SONNY! for catching

*The olde tyme guys were back, I wonder who they paid off?

* The homers had a lot of Ks from guys who don't normally K.

* Poor Nate, so much running

* I struck out Loren on what I thought was strike 2.  Sonny had asked me what to call the pitch before  and I said that I wasn't the right person to ask. I guess he decided it was a strike.  

* Bob made a nice play in left field

* Urano tried to carry us on his back, but one guy can only do so much

* I wish we could have given the visitors a better game, but oh well.

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