Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bay to Breakers on a Sunny Day

Well the title says all you need to know about how hard it was to get to the field on Sunday. The upshot was that it was a beautiful day, warm, slight ocean breeze, the Sunset field was well cared for, and we barely scraped a game out of 14 who braved the traffic.

Satch started for the home squad, after taking some resbit for the shoulder, and threw 7, on the light side. Johnny was all the visitors needed, going the distance plus a little extra. After the first inning the score was 5-1, visitors, and I was wondering why it was that my knuckleball was working so well, and yet I couldn't get anyone out with it. I have learned not to try and find logic in the hiccuping butterfly though. Johnny was masterful as usual, shutting down our rallys, and working the counts.

We got a lot of chances to bat, being 7-7, which was good, but in the hot sun, sometimes you would rather have a chance to sit down, which none of us really got to do. The score fluctuated, it was 6-3, then it was 9-5, then it was 11-6, then 11-8. I skulked off the mound and Rojas took over, and shut down the offense. We battled back in the 9th and found ourselves tied up. Extra innings! Hooray. Usually its a good thing, but we were all pretty tired. Johnny's squad small balled a run, on our decision to get the outs, and that ended up being it, with a runner on third, and two outs, Kvoriak ripped a no doubter to left center. Our happiness was short lived as Ralph (newguy) was playing the long ball perfectly, snared it, and thus the visitors were victorious.


* Ralph and the other new guy, who had never played with us, for showing up and saving us from Havana 6.

* Johnny, another CG win, you have to be leading the league in these.

* Greg, Bob and John for catching the game on a sweaty hot day

* Mitch, for another stellar defensive game, along with timely hitting (check that shoulder)

* Satch stole three bases....

* The defense for making plays when it counted

* Our lone fan, a lady friend of Nero's, for being vaguely interested

* Rojas and Vivek, who had some great timely hitting, and yet, always seemed to be in the position of stranding a runner on third

* The Krakatoa rally, it worked, maybe for only a run, but it worked dammit.

See you in a few, somebody pay attention next week and fill me in.

S. Paige


unmusical said...

I thought the new guys name was Chad. And I want to mention that I did catch the last four innings. Not so I can get any sort of credit but to prevent Bob from bragging he caught 10.

S. Paige said...

Duly noted, I will change it. Sorry John.