Thursday, May 14, 2009

A day in the Golden Gate

The sun was out, we were charged up with missing the game last week, and the parking was not that terrible, or so I heard. We got 19, and those energetic few took the field and established the home team. From the get go, it seemed a little skewed. There was a lot of power and glove men that seemed to be on the visitors, of which yours truly was a part. But it was a team of camaraderie, and we have been proved vastly wrong before when we thought the teams were mismatched, so we gave it a go.

By the end of the third inning, there were grumbles and hems and haws. The score was 11-1, the only run coming from Mitch, who in addition to recording more than half of his teams outs, also legged out a double, stole third, and then came home on a sacrifice. The Jameson kid was on the hill for us, and his mom was in the stands, so there was no letting up on his end. Will hurled his best for the home team, but never got a break, and frankly, faced a lineup that didn't have too many weak spots. Gaspar was more vocal about the inequities and our team agreed, so after the 5th, we brought in two new pitchers, flipped the teams, and started over.

Lo and behold, those who grumbled found themselves leading 5-1. Johnny corralled our team in hitting-wise, and their bats started to come alive against Noah, who had his first loss in a couple of months. The final was 6-3, we stopped after the 6th due to the weariness of the players, and the general feeling that we had played enough. Plus some of us had wives and family in the stands that were cold and wanted to go home.

So a wingding of a game (s), but I am glad that it ended well. A brief note on our game. When and if a game becomes lopsided, lets all try our best to be good sportsmen and not steal bases or take the extra base, or score from second on a single with a 10 run lead. Remember, the guys you fuck over this week, could be your team members next week. It's not a case of giving up, it's a case of not being a dick.


* The Booze Battery doing it again.

* Our larger than average cheering section

* Mitch's extra effort, reading the outfielders and taking the extra base

* Gaspar for staying vocal until he got results, but also having the faith in his team to not want to trade anyone

* Nick Smith, for being the team shutterbug, hope they came out well.

* The defense of the home/visitor team, for sharpening up and locking us down

* Bob, for making it from Treasure Island in time, and sticking around for 20 minutes after he was ready to go home

* The wooden "Pete" bat, which I taped up and got three hits out of

On a sad note, we bid a fond farewell to two of the stalwarts that have been with us. The Hose and the Redline both broke on Sunday, doing what they did best, getting hits. We will never forget....

This Sunday is Bay To Breakers, so you East Bayers may want to take the extra time, and go around the city. See you in the Sunset.

S. Paige


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