Saturday, May 9, 2009

Player Profile #9- Mitchell Burnham

This is Mitch.

This is Mitch too. You see how he looks like he is pissed off. That's because he is a competitor. His nickname in high school was Grouchy.

Mitch can do pretty much anything. He is what we refer to as a 5-tool player. In the real way. When we actually mean it, and we aren't just trying to impress somebody when we are drunk and blabbing about how we play hardball and softball sucks. He can hit, with power, plays center field to the point that we could probably play with just him out there, is still blessed with speed and he'll slide like Pete Rose if has to, arm that can pitch, throw down to second or stop a runner from advancing, and has fire in his belly to rival the greats.

Not to be too distracted by his baseball skills, Mitch also keeps to a lively social agenda, parties like a rock star, still manages to get to work at 6 am everyday. So, what's that, 9 tool player. And he's a great guy, 10, good sense of humor, 11, and he can grow a sweet beard, 12.

Mitch has been said to be the essential difference in a lot of our games, as you might see from past posts; the Mitch factor can make or break your team. There are certain combinations of players that will not be tolerated, for fear of a complete one sided disaster. Let's put it this way, you get put into the position of choosing up the teams and you get Lattig and Mitch for your team, you're also gonna get at least two of the three guys in corduroys and chucktaylors who we dragged into the game and the stewbum (if his Royal Gate haze allows him).

Mitch is a Davis boy, which is probably another reason that I like him, us Northern California kids understand carbon copy dyed blonds with big asses, small town hicks and valley shitkickers.

If I keep up this love parade I might make him uncomfortable, so let me just say, that it's a pleasure to see him on the diamond.

S. Paige


Mitch, I know that fulfilling relationships are great, but it's important that you keep participating in some of the other things that you enjoy doing ( like hitting the shit out of a ball and legging out a triple, and making a sliding catch and throwing your helmet). Take it from me, it keeps you interesting, and that's good when you are stuck at some dinner party on a Sunday me on this one.....