Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/18/11- Cop Field

Since I am out on the BL, I am throwing the reporting duties to the MBC'rs, en masse.  I will list every contributor and their review of the game.  Hope you enjoy!

The first contribution is Mike Gaspar, who took the bump to close the game.  

After Greg pitched six great innings and Lattig pitched two good ones, it was decided that I would come in and mop up the 9th.  With an 8 run lead, what could go wrong?  

I hit the first batter, Mitch, with a 40 mph fastball, no biggie.  And then the hit and error parade started.  A few balls were crushed, some runs scored, a sure fire double play was broken up a bad hop and we didn't get even one.  Duane made an amazing catch to rob Rick of an extra base hit, but had trouble with a ball that bounced off many body parts and fell in.  The visitors smelled blood in the water, and eventually took a one run lead.  I caught Rick's sky ball in the infield for the final out of the inning, after falling to the ground.

The homers tied up the game on a single by Richie and a triple by Carter, off his brother.  Greg chopped one to Tim, who threw home to kill the rally.  On to the 10th, Johnny came in, and gave it ol' 1-2-3, then I lead off the bottom of the 10th with a single up the middle, 2nd on a wild pitch, and then game hero Duane, who ripped one up the middle to score the winning run.  14-13!

Bring your sunglasses, its that time of year.

Next up is Jay Cellini's recap:

Sunday’s game was a classic.  The weather was actually baseball weather!   Balmy, warm,  relaxing.  What a day!  Unfortunately it seemed that none of my teammates were used to this weather as everyone seemed sluggish.   The game was relatively boring until about the 7th when what looked to be rout turned into a nail biter. 

Jay, naturally, continued his explosive hitting going 2 for 5 with a ripped single and towering double.  Oh yeah, baby.  On one at bat, I was called out on a close play at first, which I think I beat.  It was an excellent fielding play by the 1st baseman.

The game then settled down into a snore until about the 7th when the visitors caught fire and took batting practice for approximately 10 runs against some poor sucker named Mike (sorry Mike).   Score 13-12, visitors.  

Anyway back to the action.  The bottom of the 9th saw a thundering triple by the Lowell player off this brother to tie the game, 13-13, with the winning run on third.  But professional fielding and throwing by the Tim, the third baseman to the catcher ended the threat with a tag at home.  

Johnny came in and pulled a 1-2-3 -- although Jay was very quizzical about the called third strike on a pitch as he watched the ball go two inches inside of the plate.  WTF?!   Jay supposes this made up for Greg’s giving Bob a non-called third strike earlier in the game to which Greg lamented about to Johnny as Jay listened while sitting out.  Note to the peanut gallery:  Be careful about arbitrary commentary.  Favoritism, Favoritism, can I get me some?  Yeah, I know, no rest for the wicked. 

Somehow the homers scored in the bottom of the 10th to win the game.  Go figure?  Evidence that God still loves knaves and fools? 

(Disclaimer:  This is what happens after 3 Bud's on a Monday night.)


richie said...

To be fair, Gaspar pitched quite well, although he got no support from his defense, and he was also the only homer to really rip their closer.

Unknown said...

Highlight included Jimmy jumping over the catcher (me) and landing on the plate untouched to score a run.

The ball beat Jimmy and I was blocking the plate.