Monday, September 26, 2011

9/25/11- Cop Field

It was another good turnout at the Cop field, not a great day, and thanks to John McG for doing the Recon on the post rain damage.  John called me and gave me a verbal recap of the game.  

It was a real blowout, the final score was somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-5.  Greg pitched and had zero defense helping him, John fessed up to at least 10 dropped ground balls, although he managed to turn a line out double play, he still felt like he let down the team.  These are the times when it is nice to know that these games don't mean anything.  From the sounds of it, everyone had the dropsies.    Adam lost a few and at first and quit to play catcher and even Rich had some throwing errors!  Oh well, it happens to everyone.

There was a 3 inning exhibition game at the end, and the team that got walloped managed to eke out a one run win, so nice to have some balance.  Paul made some amazing plays, Lattig robbed Rich of a sure fire home run, Tim came out looking svelte, Greg, a returning player pitched fire.

Here with some more recap highlights is Brian Phelps, who pitched for the winning team:

* Greg had a good 1st inning and that was about all. He was rocked for 17(?) runs, most unearned. 

* I gave up 2 in the 1st and was shaken early. But I composed myself and with Noah behind the dish held the visitors to 4 runs.

* Rich probably recorded the longest out in Mission history, thanks to Lattig playing 430 feet deep.

* Greg hit about everyone in sight. Tried to pick-off Duane at 2nd... hit him in the back. Hit Bob (to make the game official) at 3rd from left field. The other person Greg hit at second was Elvin... and then Tim got hit going into 3rd. I beaned Elvin's friend with a curve after getting him 0-2. 

* McGrath let about 10 ground ball get by him

* Dennis had a "Let Timmy Smoke" shirt on. I was going to bean him, but then saw his shirt.

* Noah, after catching 7 innnings, relieved me and had a good outing.

* Greg relieved Greg, the former being Elvin's friend, and pitched really good.

* I was 5 for 6 with 5 runs scored.

* Duane had a great day at the plate. Before his 1st AB, he asked if I wanted to go infront of him, I told him "No", as long as he gets a hit. He roped one and started a rally. He stayed in that mindset all game.

* Elvin, unsuccessfully, bunted with a 14 run lead and promptly got scolded. Karma got him to pop out. In another AB, he ran all the way to 1st base with the bat because he thought he was going to get out.

* Once again, Jay was baffled at my pitching success. Because all I do is throw "skittles".

* Chris dropped a routine fly ball in center, but recovered and threw a runner out at third, saying "don't test me".

And a final note from the man himself, Greg Snyder, recipient of the hard luck day:

That was one of the worst Missionings I've ever gotten. I think I kept my smile on, though.  For the record, I only hit base runners, no batters were harmed. The other runner I hit was Elvin early in the game,but he deserved it. 


Duane Harris said...

Greg nailed me fucking HARD. I am gonna feel this one for awhile...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anonymous said...

That truly was the greatest test of a pitcher's patience I've seen. And Greg handled it with his usual grace. Gloves down and chins up men..,

Elvin said...

aww man i didn't realize I am targeted now.