Thursday, September 8, 2011

9/3/11- West Sunset

Another week, I couldn't believe it! But I'll take it! It was a real nice day, except in the West Sunset, of course. Since it was a bonus day for me anyway, I decided not to start on the bump and give someone else a chance to eat some innings. And I got to be on the same team as Sean, which rarely happens. And lucky for me I did. But more on that later.

 Sean started for the home team, and was his usual dominating self, Johnny started for the visitors and had his slurvy action working. We again were overstaffed and had 12-12. The homers started with an infield that was less than stellar, and the visitors jumped out to an early lead. In the future, usually we shouldn't have the new guys jump right in to the high pressure positions. In any case, the homers were able to score back a few runs, and we settled into a game.

 We battled back and forth for an inning or two, and then Sean broke out for his first of two home runs. Yes, that's right, Sean, jealous of the press that Rich got last week, did some sky balling of his own. His first homer was a strong liner that cleared the fence but not the trees, and fell back in. His second was commanding, majestic, deep, proud, and all together amazing. By that time Noah had come into the game, in fact it was the first batter that Noah faced, but he probably didn't want anyone to know that....

 We tried to switch out enough to make sure that every one got equal playing time, and that included the pitchers, Sean bowed out and gave me the sphere and Noah took over for Johnny. I was feeling good and the fog had lifted a bit, or maybe just a little warm had crept in. The score by that time had gotten a little out of hand, and we homers had taken a commanding lead. I finished the 7th in five pitches and I struck out the side in the 8th. Felt real good.

 We coerced the visitors into playing an extra inning and then immediately felt bad, as we had a huge inning. I didn't think I was going to get up, but by the time I did, we had already score 4 runs. I asked if I should fall on my sword, but no one seemed to think that was worth it, so I hammered one up the middle instead, almost taking off Noah's leg. Sorry about that. So, when the visitors took their 10th inning at bats, I made sure they got their hacks and the runs started to pile up. Everyone on the visiting team who stuck around got another at bat, and the final score was 17-15. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.


* Thanks to everyone who came out!

* The game seemed like it went on forever, we didn't finish until almost 7

* Greg wanted to send a special apology out to anyone that he offended at the game, for one reason or another.  Please know that he had no intention of pissing anyone off, he and I were having our own conversation

* Elvin's buddy came out again, and while his throwing arm was a little wild, his bat was lethal

* My first hit was a double that I tried to stretch to a triple, and was thrown out by a perfect throw from Brian Cagle, and as my teammates pointed out, if I hadn't taken the time to take off my helmet while running to first, I might have beaten the throw.  At least I am trying to wear the helmet

* There were about 6 overthrows at first that went out of play

* First time in MBC history that I got to start in right field.  Didn't matter, I didn't make a non-pitching play the whole game.

* Bob was frozen by a knuckleball for a third strike, which he hated.  He got me back by hitting the knuckle the next time

* Thanks to Ed, Greg, Gaspar and Noah for catching

* We almost had a great play at home, almost....

* Greg did the right thing and didn't swing when I stole 3rd.  Thank you!  I don't have many of those in me

* JT played the whole game despite 3 injuries in the first inning

* Liam had some great hits

* We lost a number of balls in the street and in the backstop

* There were some great catches made by new guys, defense is always welcome

* Dennis had some trouble on a play at second, where he fell down while holding the ball, while a runner scored, he said he was his ankle and he was "in agonizing pain" and that's why he couldn't make the play.  If that was the case, we wondered why he would play and put himself in that position?

* Nick Smith played the grumpy old man part real well.  He didn't have fun at all.

* Stoner came out and had a good game in the outfield and a frustrating game at the plate.  I felt bad when he struck out, after being distracted by all the jokes and chatter that we were throwing at him

* Well, I hope to see everyone soon.  Keep it fun.

S. Paige

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